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Is my employer allowed to deduct any portions of my credit card tips?

No...It's not unconstitutional.

Here's why...


"Implied Consent"


Under Arizona law - specifically, ARS § 28-1321(A) - in regard to a DUI stop, by driving a motor vehicle in the state of Arizona, you consent to have your blood, breath, urine, or other bodily substance tested for the purpose of determining alcohol concentration or drug content.


No, I don't agree with it. But I don't make the law...


No, you don't have the right to determine the method of testing. However...


Always get your own sample of whatever they're testing...


You should ALWAYS request that police allow you to obtain your own sample of whichever bodily substance police test so you can have your results independently analyzed (...more on this in a different post).


This, though, is why the terms of the suspension or revocation of your driver's license all depend on whether you take or refuse the post-arrested BAC test administered by police. In Arizona, after a DUI arrest, police generally analyze your BAC or drug content via blood or breath test.


No, you don't need to be convicted of DUI to lose your license.


Furthermore, the state does not have to wait for you to be convicted of DUI before revoking or suspending your driving privileges. Because a driver's license is just that - a privilege and not a right. Thus, in Arizona, your driver's license can be suspended before you're convicted of DUI. Find out here under which circumstances your driver's license will be revoked or suspended if you're charged with DUI.

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