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Arizona Servers & Bartenders:

Learn How to Recover Money Owed to YOU!

You may be owed thousands of dollars in unpaid wages and additional damages from your former employer(s) that you didn't even know existed.



Federal law now allows you to recover wages that should have been paid to you but were not.


If you have worked in the food & beverage industry at any time within the past 3 years, earned an hourly rate less than the Arizona minimum wage ($8.10/hr.), and during the course of your shifts were required to:


  • Roll silverware,

  • Clean soda dispenser nozzles,

  • Polish glassware,

  • Perform opening & closing duties,

  • Brew coffee & tea,

  • Stock and re-stock condiments,

  • Clean/sweep/mop, and/or

  • ​Complete similar side work,


Your former employer(s) may have withheld wages that should have been paid to you.


The law states that you may collect these unpaid wages from any previous employer who willfully withheld wages from you wtihin the last 3 years. In fact, under federal law, you may be entitled to receive up to TWICE the amount owed to you.


I will recover these wages for you, or it will cost you nothing.


This is a painless, worry-free process. If you are interested in learning more:


I fight to recover unpaid wages for servers & bartenders in Arizona, Ohio, and Colorado


I help my clients recover hard earned money that their employers illegally withheld from them.


If you're interested in recovering unpaid wages and related damages that could be owed to you, call my office today for a FREE consultation.




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